Friday, May 22, 2009 at Friday, May 22, 2009
Thanks for coming to a site dedicated to a further and more enriched understanding of how behavior and the brain changes in kiddos! As you can read in my profile, I will present research and information about how the brain (and behavior) change in kids. I will also provide some resources, like books, if you would like more information.

There are three very important points I must make from the start. 1) I am NOT a medical doctor. I am working on a PhD in Neuroscience. I will NOT be speaking as an expert in the field of child development, etc. I am simply presenting research, giving my opinion, and looking forward to your input/feedback. 2) Every baby/child develops at their own rate. This information is never intended to strike concern in you. It is for information purposes ONLY. 3) Some of the research I present will be on animals, that is just the nature of research. I wish we lived in a time when we no longer needed to do animal research. But that simply is not the reality. Please, please, understand that I am completely sensitive to the fact that animal research does not sit well with everyone. However, this is not a forum to discuss the ethical (or lack of ethics depending on where you stand) implications of animal research.

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