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Wednesday, September 16, 2009 at Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Ok so I really don't have much to offer on this post about any specific research topic. But I was pondering, which I do often, about Conner's development. He is about to turn 8 months old and the little cutie IS NOT CRAWLING YET! And yes, I know, I know...not every baby crawls, and they do it at all different ages. So I guess this got me thinking about other aspects of his development and I thought I would pose some questions for other Mommies out there (or Grandmas, people with an opinion, hell cats and dogs if you please).

1) What age did your baby begin to crawl? Did you do "tummy time" and if so, did they seem to get cranky doing tummy time after a while?

2) When did your baby get teeth? Which teeth came in first? Were there any signs of teething?

3) When was the first word said?

4) Was your baby smaller/cubbier than normal? Did anyone have a smaller baby that has turned into a golly-green-giant of a kid?

Ok if I have missed anything else important that deserves ratiocination, please do tell.

And by the way...babies in blue jeans.EFFING.CUTE.

Hope everyone is doing well and has a fabulous day! Oh and if you could comment here on the blog that would be helpful. Not everyone has a Facebook account and, dear me, I would not want anyone to miss out on all the special little nuggets of input :D

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