Conner's 9 month old check-up

Monday, October 26, 2009 at Monday, October 26, 2009
Today Conner had his 9-month wellness check-up. First, I can't believe he is already 9 months old! Time has flown (well at times it doesn't feel that way). So there we were, Conner, Mommy and Dr. Aggie (see previous post to know why we refer to him as Dr. Aggie :D). Now Dr. Aggie is incredibly nice. He answers my weird off-the-wall questions (and I can definitely bring the weird). But when he starts to question me about Conner's developmental milestones I feel...well for those of you that know me well, I am quite a competitive person. In fact, I have been referred to as "Monica" from Friends (despite the fact that I am nothing like her!). Ahem. Moving along, so he starts to ask if Conner is doing this, that and the other. And I find that for most of the questions my answer is "um, no, not yet". So now I feel like a loser. It must be my fault that Conner isn't pulling himself up to stand using the furniture. No, no, no, Mommy or Daddy have to stand him up, then he can hold himself up using the coffee table. Or that he isn't crawling, cruising, walking, riding a bike, composing music to make Mozart jealous (deep breath!). But I left there thinking that not all babies develop at the same pace and I am not a big ass loser (well at least not in this realm). But I met a good friend for a baby date at Austin's Children's Museum. They have "baby bloomer" day and OMG it was a blast! So there we are, cute babies and all, and over crawls this really beautiful little girl. So the mom and I start talking and when she informs me that her daughter is Conner's age that same feeling of loserhood comes back. Now I know not to compare babies...but damnit I can't help myself! Of course as soon as they started the sing-along and Conner looked at me with this "Mommy I love you and thank you for bringing me here" look (yes people...that was what he was thinking!)...all those feelings of loser-hood went away. Instead I just felt so blessed that I have a healthy little boy who will develop all of these milestones when he is good and ready!

So Moms...did you feel the competitive streak? Did you overcome it?


  1. yes, but it is a new mommy thing. Chasse will be 3 in Dec and he is a lot smaller than most kids his age. He just started talking about 7 mos ago. Before that it was mostly just what's that or who's that. Now he can say about 10 letters of the alphabet, says school, stop, his brothers names and a bunch of other words. But, i ran into one of my kids... Read More old teacher's who has a lil boy chasse's age. She was telling me all the stuff her son was saying and he talks in sentences, and i got sad all over again. But then i remembered that all kids are different and I love Chasse because of who he is and who he is becoming. So, you won't overcome it, cuz the older they get the more stuff there is to be competitive about:) LOL

  2. Jackie Says:

    Yes, and I totally still do. My favorite way to get kids over the "They're not doing anything new" hump is to take them to play with other kids, or in novel environments like you describe. Then you look over at them and they're doing something you never knew they could do, and there's your triumph of the day :)

  3. Carl Says:

    I'll back the "it's all your fault" theory of limited development

  4. Joanne Lee Says:

    My baby goes to the daycare, so I cannot help but compare her to other babies there. What is worse is that I compare myself to other moms. I know in my head that it is all nonsense, but my heart says something else. I think it is going to be a life long struggle. So these days, I try to remind myself how lucky I am for having such a healthy beautiful little girl. Screw developmental milestones!

  5. Twyla Payne Says:

    Yes and no. Cody did not walk until he was almost 13 months old. Colton walked at 8, yes 8 months old. Chloe was almost a year old when she walked. Cody was so far ahead of the other kids developmentally and size-wise my chest stayed puffed up like a turkey all the time. Colton, however, did not start talking until he was three years old. He was so far behind on everything I thought that me having him at 34 had stunted him. I always felt like I needed to explain why he wasn't doing things "on time". However, as you know, he (Colton) is very, very smart, extremely athletic and a monster/stinker to boot. Cody is my genius and Chloe is about in the middle. She was always too small according to the doctors but has grown perfectly and is smart and happy and healthy. All children grow and learn at their own pace. What they go by is just a general timeline and not everyone is the same. I totally get the competitiveness----I still want my boys to kick every kids ass on and off(scholastically) the court. I am just that way---can't help it!!!!! Keep your chin up. He is precious and such a beautiful and bright baby. Just wait and see.

  6. I wonder how much or what percentage of infant behavior is totally in the genes and what is stimulated by a combination of natural ability and external inputs. A guess is that for the first 4 to 6 million years of our existence on the planet we lived in groups. All babies would have spent time in the group under one woman's control while the others gathered lunch in bush. Do babies watch others? Would a baby watching another crawl have the thought "I could do that" and get on with development? In this tribal setting they would have always had that opportunity.

    It seems the concept of a baby being alone in a house of adults is new, maybe since the development of the pill? We know that kids influence other kids in later years, but when does influence start? Would a 2yr old be more influential to a 9 month old in matters of activities than even the most involved parent?

    Ramble, ramble, r

  7. Candyce Says:

    Yes, you feel a competitive streak, as do most moms, and no you are not a loser (neither is Conner for that matter). Usually when they are asking you these “milestone” questions, it’s just as a benchmark. You are right—not all babies will be on the same track; however, at a certain point if they haven’t gotten on the bench yet, then additional attention might be required (although this is usually the minority of circumstances). I have a friend whose 6 month old baby wasn’t sitting up by himself. Turns out, his back muscles were so rigid, he just physically couldn’t. They put him through a little PT and what do ya know, he was able to sit up! Allyson still has trouble jumping with both feet together off the ground and moving any distance (I blame Brian for her no hopsJ), which was a skill they “tested” for at 3 yrs old. I guess what I’m trying to say is, Conner is wonderfully normal! Don’t worry, stress, or over analyze. Boys often develop slower in certain areas than girls.

    I guess I just focused on the hilarious, adorable, and fabulous things the girls were able to do and knew the other things would come in time. Case in point—Avery has FINALLY decided panties are better than pull-ups/diapers! We are now in big girl panties (literally—size 6 J)

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