She's a eatin' solids!

Monday, May 16, 2011 at Monday, May 16, 2011
Violet had her 4-month check-up a couple of weeks ago.  Since Collin wanted to be present for her first venture into solid food, we waited until Mother's Day to officially introduce her to rice cereal.  The word that sums up her first reaction was...Meh.  She seems to really like the addition of mashed banana!  When Conner was introduced to solids, Collin and I would take turns on what fruit or veggie would be next.  So, her next adventure will be peas (and if she hates it she can blame Daddy).

Here are a few questions for the Mommy's out there (and Daddy's):
1)  Do you buy your baby food or make it yourself?
2)  For homemade rice cereal, how to you include the iron that is found in the store bought iron-fortified cereals?
3)  Any funny stories about feeding your wee little ones?  Who doesn't love a messy baby face, eh?!


  1. Aloysha Says:

    For my first child I bought the baby food... the full-time job I had didn't leave any free time to make baby food. The second time around, being a stay-at-home mom, I made most of it but only after she tried the store -bought. In case I wasn't able to make it sometime didn't want her to not be used to it. But I mostly made it myself and it was great! I found several useful websites on this topic, here are a few:, They have useful info, especially on how to introduce proteins into baby's diet, suggestions on how to store homemade babyfood, portions, etc. Good luck!!

  2. I never made homemade rice cereal because neither of my kids liked it. I know it can be done relatively easily, though.

    I did make all of their "real" food purees. It was so much fun to experiment with different ingredients!! My kids were so used to the homemade stuff, that they refused to eat the store-bought versions I'd buy whenever we traveled!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I love the picture! She is so sweet!!

  4. Such a beautiful mommy..I love the picture

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